Of 100 franchises opened in any given year, more than 80% will still be operating in five year’s time, and most of those will still be owned and operated by the same people.

The franchise industry has created 40,000 new jobs over the past four years.

There are no guarantees in business. However franchising has proven that it can provide a vastly improved chance of success for people who want to take control of their lives by owning and operating their own business.

What makes a franchise different? In short, it’s the support and services offered by the franchisor, who has developed the business, survived and learned from the mistakes that all too often cripple stand-alone small businesses.

In effect, a franchise is a license, or a deed granted to a franchisee to operate a business using the brand and systems established by the franchisor.

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Honour vending is established in Australia, and consequently Have A Snack! dominates market share in the region, with no potential for mechanical defects, costly repairs or relocation.

Other forms of automated vending, for example on-site vending machines, also contribute toward the overall turnover of the market sector.



The Have A Snack! service comes into its own by catering for the between-meal hunger pangs and quick energy-boost requirements of working people who need something to keep them going through their busy day.

Have A Snack! offers the convenience of a merchandise display unit situated prominently in a business’ reception or staff room.

Have A Snack! merchandisers are more convenient and cheaper for workers than automatic vending machines.

The Have A Snack! service saves many working people the hassle of walking long distances to their nearest shop for a snack, while reducing the overall downtime created by these daily activities.

In every way the Have A Snack! display unit is a popular part of any modern workplace!


Have A Snack! stand right behind their franchisees providing full training, encouragement, good advice, and ongoing support.


Have A Snack! franchisees benefit from the simple, easy-to-run nature of the business and its systems, including:

  • There may be no requirements to hire staff, so franchisees need not be concerned about paying wages, group tax, worker’s compensation premiums or a whole minefield of costs and government paperwork.
  • Have A Snack! is a cash business. So, no bounced cheques, no thirty or sixty day accounts, no credit card fees. Each week or fortnight (whenever the display is due to be re-stocked), franchisees collect cash.
  • Franchisees can work consistently for four or five days per week (as long as customers are available) thereby achieving saturation of the franchised area provided.
  • Have A Snack! franchises are mobile, and can be operated from home. No shopfronts are required, and providing franchisees have a small area at home to keep stock, the business does not intrude on franchisees’ private lives.
  • The outdoor lifestyle of a Have A Snack! franchise suits active-minded people who do not like to be indoors all day. On any given day, a Have A Snack! franchisee may visit up to forty display locations, meeting dozens of new people in the process.
  • Have A Snack! merchandise displays are competitively priced against other retailers. It is expected that a franchisee working full time would service a minimum number of 60 displays per week.
  • Merchandise displays are not refrigerated or automated. There are no moving parts, and no potential for mechanical defects to consume a franchisee’s time in costly relocations and repairs. Merchandise displays are small, light and easy to handle for both men and women. Reliable transport is required to move the merchandise displays from door to door.
  • The franchisor arranges for Have A Snack! franchisees to access a wide range of quality snack items sourced from the best suppliers in Australia, and made available to franchisees at prices as good as, if not better, than other wholesalers.
  • If you are buying a new franchise, the franchisor would normally provide a territory of between 50 to 100 merchandise display units located in workplaces, and ready for a franchisee to commence servicing and make money from Day One. Canvassing for further locations can be undertaken through the franchisor.
  • If you are buying a new franchise, all training, uniforms, start-up stock and stationery is provided by the franchisor. If you are purchasing an existing franchise the franchisor will provide training, ongoing support, regular meetings,stock ordering and general administration assistance.


Have A Snack! franchise requires an investment amount from around $20,000 to $45,000 depending upon the size of the customer base. If you are purchasing a new territory this will include:

  • Franchise Fee
  • Start-up Stock
  • Stock of merchandise displays, signage, collection boxes, etc.
  • Signage
  • Uniforms
  • Manuals
  • Stationery
  • Training

It is recommended that a new franchisee should allow an amount for operating capital to cover the initial start-up phase of the business. You will need to include this in your business plan when discussing this with your financial advisor. You will also need to make allowances for government charges, taxes, legal and accounting costs associated with the establishment of your franchise. These costs will vary from franchise to franchise.

Ongoing Expenses
Ongoing expenses of a Have A Snack! franchise include the cost of goods sold and business operating expenses, the franchise service fee, and the marketing fund fee.

Cost of Goods
This includes all snack and beverage items etc. purchased through the system.

Service Fee
This is a percentage fee on items sold. It covers group administration and support costs, data base management of customer records, technical and general back-up, supplier sourcing and negotiations, and other general on-going assistance.

Marketing Fee
This is also a percentage fee on items sold. It is used for group advertising, marketing and business development for the benefit of all franchisees.


Have A Snack! suits people from all walks of life with vastly different backgrounds.

He or she must be a results-driven, motivated self-starter with a positive outlook. Franchisees must have good interpersonal communication skills as they will be in daily contact with many customers in a variety of environments.

Franchisees will need to demonstrate that they are able to collect and budget a cash income, and are able to develop good relationships with the staff and business owners of all their customer sites.

A valid license and a suitable transport (preferably a white commercial van) are essential.

Have A Snack! franchisees are encouraged to openly share their experiences and knowledge with their fellow franchisees, and to participate in group meetings and conferences.


Have A Snack! suits people from all walks of life with a strong commitment to success.

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